Medicare Data on Physicians

Amy H Baron NM NP (Certified Nurse Midwife)

Individual Data

135 Webster St
Hanover 02339-1200 MA US

Accepts Medicare patients

NPI Number: 1346223617

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Description Number Unique Unique/Day Allowed amount Submitted std Payment std
Urinalysis nonauto w/o scope 11 11 11 3.62 15 0 3.62 0
Occult blood feces 12 12 12 4.61 15 0 4.61 0
Office/outpatient visit est 34 19 34 74.372 115 0 52.644 18.892
CA screen;pelvic/breast exam 17 17 17 39.277 79.412 2.353 39.277 0.847
Obtaining screen pap smear 19 19 19 47.305 71.842 9.207 47.305 1.489

Explanation of columns

  • Number: Number of services provided; note that the metrics used to count the number provided can vary from service to service.
  • Unique: Number of distinct Medicare beneficiaries (patients) receiving the service.
  • Unique / day: Number of distinct Medicare beneficiary/per day services. Since a given beneficiary may receive multiple services of the same type (e.g., single vs. multiple cardiac stents) on a single day, this metric removes double-counting from the line service count to identify whether a unique service occurred.
  • Allowed amount: Average of the Medicare allowed amount for the service; this figure is the sum of the amount Medicare pays, the deductible and coinsurance amounts that the beneficiary is responsible for paying, and any amounts that a third party is responsible for paying.
  • Submitted: Average of the charges that the provider submitted for the service.
  • Payment: Average amount that Medicare paid after deductible and coinsurance amounts have been deducted for the line item service.