Medicare Data on Physicians

Paul B Perry M.D. (Anesthesiology)

Individual Data

12201 Merit Dr #420
Dallas 75251-3108 TX US

Accepts Medicare patients

NPI Number: 1003899113

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Description Number Unique Unique/Day Allowed amount Submitted std Payment std
Anesth lens surgery 53 49 53 114.689 180.558 208.671 91.752 10.138
Anesth upper gi visualize 21 21 21 135.82 152.792 33.928 108.656 19.162
Anesth low intestine scope 458 456 458 149.892 183.63 123.148 111.385 31.887
Anesth anorectal surgery 17 17 17 191.365 204.98 57.365 153.092 44.279

Explanation of columns

  • Number: Number of services provided; note that the metrics used to count the number provided can vary from service to service.
  • Unique: Number of distinct Medicare beneficiaries (patients) receiving the service.
  • Unique / day: Number of distinct Medicare beneficiary/per day services. Since a given beneficiary may receive multiple services of the same type (e.g., single vs. multiple cardiac stents) on a single day, this metric removes double-counting from the line service count to identify whether a unique service occurred.
  • Allowed amount: Average of the Medicare allowed amount for the service; this figure is the sum of the amount Medicare pays, the deductible and coinsurance amounts that the beneficiary is responsible for paying, and any amounts that a third party is responsible for paying.
  • Submitted: Average of the charges that the provider submitted for the service.
  • Payment: Average amount that Medicare paid after deductible and coinsurance amounts have been deducted for the line item service.